How do we care ?

Society currently has significant limitations in regards to the way we show concern and care. This is evident in our business models, communities and the way we treat the environment as well as each other.

In 1997, James Lazok created LWPSC to offer a plan to achieve conscientious change through restructuring and redefining how we live, work, play, sustain and care. By bringing this master plan to philanthropists, foundations and corporations we create an alliance where the LWPSC standards and guidelines are implemented to bring forward a vision of a brighter future for all of humankind.

What do we do ?

We offer Consultation for philanthropists
Before giving starts, LWPSC represents philanthropists who are looking to finance foundations. LWPSC evaluates your chosen foundation and gives an unbiased report holding accountability for their actions and operations based on the LWPSC standards and guidelines. Using this report, the philanthropist can invest in the foundation with absolute confidence.

We offer Consultation for foundations who are expanding
LWPSC offers value to foundations by enhancing their performance and improving their image. We assist in new paradigm branding and marketing, upgrading antiquated system operations by implementing new procedures and processes based on how well the Live | Work | Play | Sustain | Care.

We offer Consultation for corporations
LWPSC gives corporations the ability to think outside of the box. We do this by providing cohesiveness which brings together management and model operations based on how well the corporation currently lives, works, plays, sustains and cares. This holds corporations accountable for their place in the world today and in the future.

We Give Back
LWPSC  creates new business startup projects, holding to our own fundamentals as an example of conscious change which in turn benefits all of humankind. 

LWPSC is a systematical blueprint and legacy program creating social and economic change.


We have broken up our consulting into six areas of expertise. You will find organized information below to help you best understand the many LWPSC services offered.


Our goal is to generate creative ideas, design strong action plans, have accountability holding through reports and actions and at the same time give constant feedback and structure that keeps people and agencies focused and on track.

Simply put our main initiative is to help solve the evolving energy, environmental and economic needs as we realize these are the countries most critical challenges.


From the fruition of our efforts comes opportunities with large scale potential. Listed below are ways for investors to work with Live Work Play Sustain Care to expand their portfolio and grow into an area with unlimited potential. This includes products, building concepts and global investments.

LWPSC also has a division offering  sustainable development / redevelopment and complete construction services. 

Please visit developwithlwps.com for more information.


We at Live Work Play Sustain Care look forward to your questions and project ideas.
Our goal is to offer solutions for even the most complex problems.
Thank you for reaching out. We will respond ASAP.

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